Hi, I'm Steve. I'm super into all things technical; basically a help desk for friends and family, and my house is an unending source of random computers and servers. I've got anywhere from 2-4 enterprise servers running at any given time, hosting various things for production or development / testing.

I picked up Python sometime in 2020, and it's basically turned into my primary hobby; automating things at home and at work, and generally making cool random apps in Python.

If you couldn't tell already, I am not (nor do I aspire to be) a frontend developer.

Since a few folks have asked, here are my links :)
Making Reddit bots on Fiverr - Send me an order here, and I'll make a bot for you and host it too!
That 'Buy me a Coffee' site! Hosting isn't super expensive, but if you want to chip in for a month, here's the best way!

Also, here's a list of IT stuff I recommend!
Things Steve Recommends